Make-Up Work

If a student is absent for reasons other than illness, he or she is expected to be prepared the day he or she returns to class with homework completed and ready to take any tests missed.


If the student's absence is excused due to illness, the student will have twice as many days to make up work and tests as he or she was absent, not including the day they return. For example, a student absent two days, who returns to class on Monday must have all work turned in and tests made up by the close of school on Friday of the same week. For absences beyond five days due to excused illness, the teacher will make special arrangements and give necessary guidelines. In all cases the student has the responsibility to see that his or her work and tests are made up. Failure to do so will result in that work being given a grade of zero.


The assignments given and exams scheduled while the student was in school are due the day the student returns to school. For example, an exam is scheduled for Tuesday and the class is told Monday. A student who is in school Monday, misses Tuesday, and returns Wednesday should take the exam on Wednesday.