Standard of Conduct

The goal of BCS is for students to honor Jesus Christ in all that they do. Students in BCS are expected to conduct themselves in a manner pleasing to our Lord at all times. We desire students to evidence the values of respect, honor, duty, integrity, responsibility, citizenship, diligence, thankfulness, and joy.

 For an atmosphere conducive to learning, student conduct must be orderly and courteous. Courtesy at all times and places is honoring to Christ and expected. Students should strive to make courtesy an outstanding feature of our student body.

 Teachers have the responsibility of making and enforcing classroom regulations in the manner which he/she feels is in accordance with principles set forth in the Scriptures, general school policies, and conduct most compatible with a learning environment. Students are responsible to know what is expected and strive to honor it.

 Unethical behavior or behavior not conducive to learning is not allowed at school. The following is a representative, but not complete, list of inappropriate behavior. 

  1. Disrespect to teachers, aides, visitors, or students.
  2. Class disturbances including talking out without permission, writing notes, throwing objects indoors, chewing gum, and running in the building.
  3. Not completing assigned work.
  4. Destroying or defacing school property.
  5. Meddling with another student's property.
  6. Disorderly conduct
  7. Leaving the school grounds without permission.
  8. Lying
  9. Cheating
  10. Stealing
  11. Fighting
  12. Disobeying

Matches, knives, weapons, cigarettes, alcohol, and illegal drugs on school property are strictly prohibited. Possession or use of these items are grounds for expulsion. Radios, tape recorders, or other equipment are not to be brought to school without administration's permission. This applies to all school functions and trips.

 Attendance at BCS is a privilege. Any student whose conduct or attitude in or out of school is shown to be in opposition to the basic principles and purpose of the school will be asked to withdraw from the school or be dismissed.