Dress Code
BCS was established to help young people understand and appreciate a way of life taught and exemplified by Jesus Christ. We also wish to prepare our students for the places they will later occupy in the Christian community served by our school. Therefore, our dress guidelines are established to conform with the principles of Christian modesty and cultural propriety.
In business and industry, employers expect "conventional" attire to promote a business-like atmosphere. Bizarre and "fad" clothing is discouraged or prohibited. In school, we expect students to dress in such a way as to contribute to an atmosphere of study and Christian deportment. Clothes that are too casual tend to set mood for recreation and play which is not appropriate for school. Therefore, BCS has developed a dress code for its students.
The Bible does not say precisely what kind of clothing a Christian student should wear. The Word is clear that our dress should be modest (I Timothy 2:9) and not too elaborate (I Peter 3:3-4) and that we should do everything in our lives for the glory of God (I Cor. 10:31). We ask that students seek to beautify the inner life, reflecting the Christian values of simplicity, humility, modesty, and wise stewardship. Parents can help the school accomplish its goals much more effectively if they actively support the school's dress code.  
  1. Boys are to wear either casual or dress slacks. Blue jeans, painter pants, camouflage pants, and other faddish styles of slacks are not to be worn. Slacks are not to be faded. Pants and shirtsleeves must be hemmed. Pants are not allowed to be dragging on the floor, baggy, sagging or oversized in any way.
  2. Shirts with henley collars, T-shirts and sweatshirts are not acceptable for classroom wear. Shirts must be properly buttoned (only top button open) and kept tucked inside the trousers. Shirts with advertising logos or slogans printed on them are not to be worn. Zippered shirts must be kept zipped "up to the neck". Boys are required to wear a dress shirt and tie on Wednesdays for chapel.
  3. Socks and dress shoes are to be worn. Solid black athletic shoes are classified as dress shoes. Athletic shoes of different colors or black athletic shoes with different colored stipes, soles or shoelaces and designs are not to be worn. Please look for non-marking shoes when purchasing school shoes.
  4. Socks must be worn with all footwear.
  5. Boys' hair should be cut so that it is off the collar, out of the eyes, and leaves the entire ear showing. The Administration reserves the right to ask a student to get a haircut if it is not neat in appearance. Arrowheads, mohawks, spikes, and other fads are not to be worn.
  6. A tie with a dress shirt (no pullovers) is to be worn on chapel days.
  7. Boys are to be clean-shaven. Sideburns are not to be lower than the bottom of the ear.
  8. Boys are not to wear earrings or other body piercings.
  1. Girls are to wear skirts and blouses or dresses. Hemlines and any slits must be no higher than the top of the knee (two inches above the floor when kneeling). Skirts must be hemmed and may not have holes or manufactured fading or bleaching.
  2. Blouses and dresses must be modest. Necklines should not be revealing. Blouses should be buttoned properly (top button may be left open). Sundresses and dresses with spaghetti straps are permissible only if they worn with a non-see-through jacket or over a blouse. Tank tops are not to be worn as classroom attire. Shirts with advertising logos or slogan printed on them or sweatshirts are not acceptable for classroom wear.
  3. Dress shoes and socks or hose must be worn at all times. Solid black athletic shoes are acceptable (soles, shoelaces, and markings must be black). Please look for non-marking shoes when purchasing school shoes.
  4. Girls may wear dress slacks as normal classroom attire. Fad styles of any type like tight knit stretch pants, leggings, jeggings, yoga pants, etc. are not appropriate classroom or school attire. They are to be clean, hemmed, with no holes, rips, tears or frays. They are to be modest, properly fitted (not too tight or too loose) and properly worn (as designed). Garments that are stretched, stained or extremely faded are not appropriate. Advertising logos or slogans printed on them are also not acceptable for school attire.
  5. Parents and students should be careful to avoid clothing that would be too revealing or tight fitting for girls.
  6. In some instances girls will be allowed to wear dress pants or culottes for an activity. Dress pants are pants without patch pockets like those on jeans. Fad styles of any type like tight knit stretch pants, etc. are not appropriate.
  7. Extremes or fads in hairstyles or makeup are not to be worn.
  8. Girls may wear earrings but no other body piercings.
  1. Any question regarding the dress code will be left to the discretion of the Administration.
  2. If a student comes to school dressed inappropriately, he or she will be given a dress code warning. Flagrant violators will not be allowed to attend classes. The parent will be called to bring appropriate clothing. The student will serve an in-school suspension until the parent arrives with the proper clothing or until the problem can be corrected.
  3. It is recognized that no dress code is adequate to satisfy everyone for all times or situations. Every attempt is being made to train our students for spiritual and academic excellence.
  4. All students in grades 7-12 are required to wear a uniform for Physical Education classes. This uniform is a pair of sweat pants, a T-shirt, white socks, and sneakers. Modest, appropriate shorts may be worn when deemed appropriate by the instructor.
  5. Jackets, hooded sweatshirts, and coats are generally designed for outside wear and should not be worn in the classroom.
  6. Students are to come to school and leave school dressed in school attire.
The school has many activities scheduled throughout the year. For after-school athletic activities those students involved must wear the uniform or other attire prescribed by the coaches. In general, spectators may wear jeans, etc. but please keep in mind the spirit and testimony of the school dress code. For all school functions participants are expected to wear regular school dress unless otherwise notified.