Discipline Procedures / Detention

The teacher is the authority in the classroom and is responsible to carry out administration policies for establishing the learning atmosphere. Unacceptable conduct as evidenced by disregard for school rules, for others, or for school property will be addressed by the teacher and supported by administration. 

In general, our policy is that the punishment should fit the offense. The following are examples of corrective measures that may be taken: counseling, extra work, removal of privileges, lunch or after school detention, probation, suspension, and dismissal. 

If there are any questions concerning the discipline of your child, consult those directly involved. It is the desire of the school to be of service to both parent and student. Teachers welcome visits from parents. An appointment can be made through the school office at least 24 hours in advance.


Detention will be served the day after the offense. Students serving a lunch detention will report to the room of the teacher who assigned the detention at the beginning of their lunch period. Students serving after school detention will report to the teacher issuing the detention immediately after school. 

Parents will be informed of detention by a written notice which should be signed and returned to the teacher the next day.