Grade 5

Bible    Living in God's Love - Bob Jones University Press


• Integrates doctrine into a chronological and thematic study of the Old and New Testaments

• Bible characters include: Levites, Samson, Boaz, Jonah, Rehoboam, King Asa, Philip and the eunuch

• Themes include: sin and grace, obedience, holiness, my body as God’s temple, evangelism and missions, false teachers


Reading    Pages in My Head - Bob Jones University Press


Word Recognition




Study Skills

Silent Reading

Oral Reading




Language Arts


Through daily exercises and unit tests, students gain an appreciation for the English language as a way of expressing themselves. Students will learn to:

  1. Use the eight parts of speech correctly (verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives,   adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections)

  2. Recognize/write sentences and use sentence parts correctly

  3. Use punctuation correctly

  4. Use quotations and capitals correctly

  5. Apply the writing process in completing book reports, letters, paragraphs, and outlines

  6. Use the encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus and other resources for research writing

  7. Appreciate God's gift of language through the use of synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms

  8. Recognize and use complements correctly

  9. Diagram sentences completely

 Text: ABeka Book - God's Gift of Language B workbook


Math   - Bob Jones University Press



Number Sense






Algebra Readiness






Problem Solving

Statistics and Graphs



Social Studies Old World History and Geography  - aBeka book


This fascinating study of the Eastern Hemisphere by geographical regions begins in the Middle East, where history began, and continues with the history, geography, and culture of Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica. A good introduction to worldwide missions and missionary heroes and contrasts Communism and Americanism.


 Science   Investigating God's World - aBeka book


This study leads students from the known to the unknown by teaching important science concepts within the context of things they see and know. The aim is to help students understand basic principles of science rather than merely teach them science vocabulary. The world is presented as the creation of God and glorifies Him as its Sustainer and Upholder. The course introduces great scientists and naturalists who believed in the Biblical account of Creation, and where appropriate, it refutes the materialist's faith in evolution. Students learn about plants, animals, matter, energy, light, minerals, and more.




Physical Education