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Bible    Redemption—God’s Grand Design - Bob Jones University Press
• Integrates doctrine into a chronological and thematic study of the Old and New Testaments
• Bible characters include: Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Ruth, David, Hezekiah, Jesus, Peter, Paul
• Themes include: God’s covenant, under the blood, God’s providence, the Incarnate Word, book of Revelation, history of the Bible
Reading Reading For Christian Schools 6 - Bob Jones University Press
Analyze the structure of all reading material based on its setting in time, location, culture, and history
Recognize stereotypes, foreshadowing, conflict, fables, and parables
Distinguish between synonyms, homonyms, antonyms, various forms of punctuation, and text-related vocabulary
Compare/contrast styles of fiction and poetry
Explore writing forms such as rebuses, palindromes, allegories, ballads, clichs, euphemisms, oxymorons, and idioms
Study specific vocabulary through base words and derivative history
Use library resources effectively
Teach students skills for school success: reading/comprehension, long-term retention strategies, mental outlining/organization of material
Teach lessons in how to take tests and interpret graphics
Apply reading strategies, comprehension techniques, and group discussion skills in novel-based literature units
Language Arts - God’s Gift of Language C   Abeka
English for 6th grade is broken into four key components: literature, grammar, spelling, and writing. Developing these skills this year students will be able to express themselves more clearly and creatively. The sixth grader will be constantly guided to see how grammar applies to his writing and speaking. This course gives a thorough, systematic presentation of grammar, composition and mechanics in a clear and appealing manner. Students who use this program are not "afraid of composition."   
Math - Bob Jones University Press
Algebra Readiness
Problem Solving
Statistics and Graphs
Social Studies New World History and Geography - Abeka book
Presents the history and geography of North and South America from a Christian perspective, including both the native American and European heritage of the New World. It follows an organized, regional progression as it leads students on a tour of the western hemisphere. The study is  correlated with a  Map Studies and Review Book which provides instruction in the Geography of the western hemisphere. land that they found.
Science Observing God's World  - Abeka book
This teachable, readable, and memorable book presents the universe as the direct creation of God and refutes the man-made idea of evolution. It is beautifully illustrated in full color with both photos and art, and features many charts and demonstrations. Projects and experiments for use at home and at school are included. Some of the topics covered are invertebrates, plants, forces of the earth, the universe, space travel, and materials.
Physical Education