Textbooks - Lockers - Lost and Found


Textbooks are issued to each student the first week of school and are to be used with care. The students are responsible to return textbooks in good condition. Books are to be covered. The student will be required to pay for damages to them or to pay for any that are lost. Report cards and records will be withheld until loss or damage has been paid.


Usage of lockers is a privilege. Lockers may be checked periodically and are expected to be neat and orderly. The school reserves the right to inspect lockers and desks and to use prudent measures when checking students' personal effects. Locker abuse will result in loss of any locker privilege. Students may use only locks approved by the administrator for their lockers. Locker combinations must be on file in the office. 


A "Lost and Found" is located on both levels. All students and parents who have lost articles should check periodically for their articles. Any article not claimed at the end of the year will be taken to the Salvation Army.

To reduce the accumulation of lost and found articles, we ask that each student have his name on all his belongings for identification purposes.