Fire Drills - Telephone


BCS conducts regular fire emergency drills. A continuous ringing of the alarm will signal drills. Immediately upon hearing this ringing, the following should occur: 

  1. Students should stop work immediately. Students should be quiet.
  2. The windows shall be closed.
  3. The students will exit the room in single file and proceed to their designated area (see diagram in room).
  4. The teacher will ensure the lights are turned off and the door is closed.
  5. The teacher will take roll and report any missing students to the Administrator.
  6. When the all-clear signal is heard, students will proceed quickly back to class.

 If a student is not in his classroom when the fire drill signal sounds, he/she should exit immediately and report to the teacher of the nearest class. That teacher will then report the student's presence to the Administrator. 


The school office is open from 8:15 AM to 3:30 PM during the school day. Only urgent messages will be delivered to students. Permission must be granted to the student by the office staff before making a call.