Financial Policies
The Application Fee and Registration Fee are nonrefundable. Tuition shall be paid according to the tuition schedule. Parents are responsible to notify the school if timely payment cannot be made and to make arrangements for payment. Delinquent tuition may result in student's dismissal after sufficient notification is made.
Should the student withdraw, be expelled, or for any reason fail to continue in attendance at the school, tuition is due for the number of days attended plus a withdrawal fee of 20% of annual tuition. Tuition must be paid in full before academic records are released. Any question with respect to decisions based on this Financial Policy may be appealed to the School Committee in writing. The Committee's decision is final.
There are two tuition payment plans available. They are as follows:
Plan A -
Single payment due on or before July 15th
(2% discount on total tuition for this plan)
Plan B -
Ten equal payments beginning July 15th and ending April 15th