Tales from the Arabian Nights

 The Bloomsburg Christian School

Drama Troupe

The Program

Tales from the Arabian Nights: Adapted by Anita Kline
Husky Bag Commercial: Written by Erin Mattive
Therapy Session Commercial: Written by Erin Mattive
Arabian Idd Commercial: Written by Judson Greene


The Players

Tianna Belles: Street thief, Thief, Handmaiden, Puppet crew
Kristen Broadt: Charming assistant, Handmaiden, Thief, Puppet crew
Melody Golomb: Fishy woman, Handmaiden, Thief, Puppet crew
Judson Greene: Tumbler, Sultan
Megan Miller: Snake charmer, Thief, Puppet crew
Rebecca Broadt: Spice girl, Seheherazade
Ty Wagner: Mysterious man, Captain of thieves, Vocal crew
Aaron Whitebread: Streeet hustler, Vocal crew, Slave
Josh Whitebread: Falafel vendor, Grand Vizier/Executioner, PPS man
Erin Williams: Tumbler, Thief, Vocal crew
Erin Mattive: Shopper, Cassandra, Puppet crew
Rebecca Williams: Silk trader, Alia Baba, Puppet crew


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