Spanish - Secondary


Spanish I
In Spanish I the student learns to read, write, speak and sing in Spanish. The student also becomes acquainted with the countries, customs and people of the Hispanic world.
Topic Dialogue and Lecture
The Spanish Language In the church – In the home – In the school
The Dominican Republic Benjamin’s problems – Caceres family – Belize question
Puerto Rico In the center – Happy birthday – Noemi, a Puerto Rican
Bolivia A family activity – Test - program
Columbia Gift – Dad’s map – Christmas
Spain A change of plans – A trip to Madrid – Sports
Mexico A walk in the park – Shopping – In the restaurant
Argentina The lost book – A morning at the Lopez home – Health
Ecuador  A busy day – A letter from Los Angeles – A letter from Quito
Peru The eater! – What are your plans for the future? – Vacations
Venezuela Field trips – Problems of the tourist - Biblical


Spanish II
Spanish II is the intermediate course offered at BCS. Building upon the fundamentals and principles learned in Spanish I, students broaden their understanding and use of the Spanish language.
Topic Selected Activities
Welcome to School! Geography: Chile
Making Friends Vocabulary: Regular Verbs (-er / -ir)
Family Reunion Bible Lecture: Proverbs 15
To Eat Vocabulary: The Menu
To Play Geography: Uruguay
To Sing Bible Lecture: John 10; Geography : Paraguay
Buying a New Suit Cultural Note: The Teenager; Geography: Guatemala
A Visit to the Barber Geography: Honduras
A Typical Day in the Mission Field Grammar: Reflexive verbs and the Position of Reflexive Pronouns
A Phone Call Geography: El Salvador
A Savings Account Vocabulary: The Money and the Bank; Geography: Nicaragua
The Hotel Cultural Note: Hotels and Hotel Beds; Poetry: The Fatal
Automobile Problems Bible Lecture: Isaiah 53; Geography: Costa Rica
In the Railway Station Cultural Note: Transportation in Hispanic Countries
A Trip by Plane Grammar: The Past Tense; Bible Lecture: The Christian Creed
Independence for Latin-American The Great Liberator: Simon Bolivar; Geography: Cuba
Jose Marti, Cuban Patriot Vocabulary: A Spanish Colony
The Estate in Mexico Vocabulary: Politics; Historical Note: Land Reform in Mexico
The Musicians of Bremen Bible Lecture: Luke 18; Geography: Madrid
Silversmith Informative Note: Spain’s Government; Geography: Toledo
Happiness Vocabulary: Creation; Lecture: Melancholy Reading
A Visit to the Doctor Vocabulary: The Human Body
The New Pharmacy Vocabulary: The Pharmacy
Poor John! Vocabulary: The Accident; Bible Lecture: John 6
Dreams Poetry: The Final Journey
A Letter to the Director Vocabulary: Education and School Subjects
What about Time? Grammar: Future Perfect; Bible Lecture: 1 Corinthians 13
A Recipe for Flan Vocabulary: Ingredients, Fractions, and Measures
Directions Grammar: Imperative
Specialties Vocabulary: Culinary Delights
Prayer Bible Lecture: Matthew 6; Vocabulary: How to Pray
Testimony Vocabulary: Bible Words
Testifying Bible Lecture: Ephesians 6
Missions Geography Study: Barcelona
The New Birth Bible Lecture: John 3; Informative Note: Equatorial Guinea