Physical Education - Secondary


The purpose of Physical Education is to teach the skills of sports and fitness. It is however, more important to instruct how to maintain an enjoyably active lifestyle, one that promotes good health into adulthood teaching one to stay active throughout your life time. This is the basis of Physical Education at BCS.

Assessments of individual skills are done at the beginning of the school year and again at the end using criteria from the Presidential fitness awards program. This is done solely as a measuring stick to see where individuals’ strengths and weaknesses lie. The curriculum is coordinated with ongoing sports programs striving to work with the coaches to be productive to the sport.
High School Grades 7-12
Classes are divided: Girls 7th -12th and Boys 7th -12th.  Sports skills are reinforced and more competitive play with rules are emphasized. Students are required to keep and submit quarterly Physical Fitness journals of personal goals and challenges or undesired health habits that they want to change. This journal is to encourage and direct the student to take personal responsibility in making the transition to a more productive lifestyle of healthy habits and daily fitness.