Athletic Handbook
Athletics at BCS is an important aspect of the school’s educational program. Our philosophy is one of educating the whole individual. For this reason, BCS provides an athletic program that helps develop a student’s emotional, physical, social and spiritual health. Although academics are one of the major priorities at BCS, we feel an extracurricular athletic program is also helpful in developing the whole student.
Mentally a student is challenged in many ways including the learning of offensive and defensive plays, creative play making, team strategies and through other mentally stimulating exercises.
Emotionally a student will learn how to better handle stressful situations, how to better cope with losing and winning, and how a Christian controls and deals with his or her feelings.
Socially, the interaction with team members, opponents, coaches and fans helps the student athlete to learn how to work with, cooperate with and encourage all those involved. Team spirit and individual friendships are cultivated through participation in sports.
Spiritually the athletic program encourages strong spiritual character and qualities that will help the athletic be a better servant of our Lord. Reliance on the Lord for strength, safety and guidance along with the proper motives and attitudes toward all involved with the program. Our desire at BCS is that our athletes learn that everything that is done is to be done for the glory of God and with the whole heart.
In order to encourage the above goals and to provide for a well-organized, efficient and quality program the following guidelines have been established.
It will be expected that all athletes representing the school will show and display an attitude of Christ-likeness both on an off the playing area. This includes attitudes toward your own team members, coaches, opposing teams, fans and officials. All athletes are expected to be examples and therefore must show forth attitudes and conduct that are above reproach. Coaches reserve the right to suspend from play in practices and games if the coach feels that the player is not displaying an attitude of Christ-likeness in practices and games. In severe displays of poor attitude and unsportsmanlike conduct, the coaches and administration reserve the right to call for an athlete’s suspension from school.
Respect for officials and coaches must be displayed regardless of the decisions made during practices and games.
Each team member is expected to show utmost respect and care for both our property and facilities and that of the other school. Cleanliness of all facilities used is to be maintained.
All equipment is to be used only for it’s intended purpose. Uniforms distributed to the athletes are to be washed after each game (cleaning instructions should be followed). For any damage done to the uniforms (apart from their intended use) damage costs will be covered by the user.
Soccer and basketball teams will wear same colored socks as part of their uniforms.
Any student who participates in athletics will be expected to keep his or her work up to date. Athletic practices or games cannot be used as excuses to not keep up with assigned work.
Students involved in sports (including cheerleading) must maintain a reasonable grade average. Grades will be checked at each quarter and mid-quarter period. Students who receive 2 F's, or three D's or one F and 2 D's will be placed on academic probation.
While on academic probation the student in ineligible to participate in practices and games. If at the end of two (2) weeks the grades have improved sufficiently, the student will be eligible to participate. Any student remaining on academic probation will have a weekly review of grades to determine eligibility.
It will be expected that the participants in the various sports attend all practices and games unless permission is granted by the coach to do otherwise. Failure to do so will result in less playing time in games, and in cases where absenteeism is more regular and frequent, suspension from games and even dismissal from the team will result. A student must attend at least one-half day of school to be eligible to play in the game for that day.
Students who wish to stay at BCS until game time or until the bus leaves for an away game must clear it with their coach first. The athletic director will provide supervision (either himself/herself or by appointing an adult) to be with the students. Students are not to be wandering the halls of the building. They are to be in a designated area (preferably the gym). Students are to be using this time to do their homework. A note must be provided by both sets of parents if a student is going to someone else's house until game time or until the bus is ready to leave.
Parents must pick up students no later than 15 minutes after practice, unless other arrangements are made with the coach.
All players are required to ride with the team to away games unless otherless stipulated by the coach. Players driving to away games will drive alone, following the bus. Permission is granted to the drivers to take students home from the game, provided the coach is given written permission by the parents of both the driver and the rider(s).
Personal electronics are not permitted without receiving prior approval from the appropriate coach or athletic director. Inappropriate reading materials are not to be brought and questionable items can be checked. Coaches, bus driver, athletic director and/or other adult chaperones may take unapproved items and keep them until the end of the athletic activity or upon return to the school campus. Cell phones may not be used or seen except with permission by coaches or other adult chaperones. This applies to all school functions and trips. Cell phones may only be used to contact parents to inform them of their arrival time back at the school.
Parents should plan to pick up their child immediately upon returning from an away game. Otherwise undue responsibility is placed upon the coaches requiring them to remain later than necessary.
Emergency medical treatment permission slips are to be take to all games in the event of injury.


Practice shorts must have an 8" inseam or the same length as soccer/basketball uniform shorts. Shirts should be consistent with the physical education policy -- Solid color T-shirts that are red, white or black or any BCS logo shirt. Any student ignoring this policy is to be given an old uniform to wear for that practice.


Games are special events and for these special activities, athletes will be required to dress accordingly. Team members are to be examples to their peers and, as representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ and BCS, a neat and well-dressed appearance is asked of all athletes and coaches.

Girls clothing: School shoes, dresses, skirts or dress slacks (dress slacks are slacks without patch pockets) with blouses

Boys clothing: School shoes, slacks, shirts and ties

School dress will be required to and from all games (providing that there is sufficient changing time and adequate changing facilities). Girls are permitted to wear dress slacks. This does not include jeans, corduroy jeans or other tight fitting pants. Boys are required to wear ties.

 These dress regulations may not apply to soccer due to the lack of proper changing facilities.

For "Away" games, team dress requirements are to be adhered to, going to and coming from the game. A team may travel in dress clothing or in uniform. Normally the team captains or coaches decide. If a team intends to travel in uniform, all clothing must be "athletic" type clothing that blends with the team colors and uniforms.

For "Home" games, individual dress requirements are to be adhered to upon arriving at the parking lot. At "Home" games, after the JV and girls' games are over, the individuals must meet the dress requirements.

The whole team is to be dressed the same. All must wear their athletic style clothing (their uniform), team warm-ups, black or read athletic pants and t-shirt/sweatshirt) or dress clothing.

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