School Closings & Delays

A. Clarification of weather-related delays:

 If Bloomsburg Christian School is not announced as delayed or closed on the radio and TV, school will be starting on time.

 Whenever your school district is on a one-hour delay or two-hour delay, follow your school district. (Those parents who provide transportation or those students who drive are encouraged to come at the normal time, though the students would not be marked tardy if they followed their school district's delayed schedule.)

 Please understand that we have 10 different school districts represented at BCS. Seven of these districts provide bussing; namely, Benton, Berwick, Bloomsburg, Central Columbia, Danville, Millville, and Southern Columbia.

 Therefore, it is possible for individual districts to be on a one-hour delay, two-hour delay, or even closed and still other districts bussing students at the normal time. In such cases, BCS will begin classes at 8:20 AM, unless specific announcement is made for "Bloomsburg Christian School."

 B. Clarification weather-related early dismissals:

In the event of school districts closing earlier than usual, follow your school district's early dismissal time. When area school busses come to pick up students, the busses arrive at BCS one-half hour to one hour before the actual announced district closing. Students who ride the bus will be directed on the bus. Parent pick-up students are to be picked up at the time of their district's announced early dismissal. Student drivers will be permitted to leave when their school district bus comes.

 C. Specific announcements for BCS are reported to:

  • WPGM radio 96.7 FM 1570 AM
  • WNEP TV Channel 16
  • WYOU TV Channel 22
  • WBRE TV Channel 28